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Winning luxury boutique packaging is the one that not only looks regal and worth a million, which also does not cost the manufacturer an arm and a leg. So in order to find a middle way, the brands must go for a manufacturer producing luxury packaging for big names. Lately, some big brands have started experimenting with packaging for their luxury merchandise in such a way that it looks way too casual, and they also seem to be going for the ‘less is more’ approach where through the simple and plainer packaging they let all focus diverted to the product instead of the packaging.

5 Contemporary Luxury Boutique Packaging Designs

In order to understand what can be done with Luxury Boutique Packaging, we must look at what is happening in the industry. The impact of good and appropriate packaging is a lot on the product itself and then on the brand. The moment a prospective buyer sets his or her eyes on a luxuriously rolled stole packaged in a sleek tunnel box, a decision is made. They will either subconsciously keep the product or the brand name in their mind or they will decide to make an instant purchase, in both cases, the packaging wins, and ultimately so does the brand!


So what is it that’s different from a regular boutique packaging in a luxury packaging? What sets them apart? Let’s look at the following 5 contemporary packaging designs meant for a luxury boutique to make a comparison.

Limited Edition Gift Sets Packaging

Although gift sets in Custom Luxury Boutique are not very common there are a few brands that are doing them in kids and babies categories. A limited edition gift set should be nothing like the regular packaging of the same brand. Designing limited edition means that there will only be let’s say a certain number of lucky people who could get their hands on the merchandise in limited edition, for which they paid additionally. For instance, Sephora comes up with their special festive flat top lid boxes which are produced only in a very small number and it runs out of stock very soon, such limited edition merchandise does not get produced again! In such packaging, extra inserts to hold the product in its place, and additional details are on the packaging box.

Sturdy Cylinders – Roll it up and insert

It sure sounds weird at once but custom luxury boutique packaging does feel impossible and undoable in the beginning, but this is the job of the manufacturer to bring your craziest ideas to life and provide you with a middle way where you get to keep your packaging idea and they add practicality to the packaging. Sturdy Cylinders are nothing too different from a Pringle container, however, the material used is a whole lot different depending on what is going inside. If the brand is selling expensive t-shirt merchandise and they roll them up, insert care instructions and other materials to ensure that the t-shirt not only looks cool coming out but it is also wrinkle free because of an excellent packaging would be an excellent idea.

Top Lid Luxury Shirt Box

Normally a shirt comes in a rather flimsy sloppy packaging box. You pick up the lid and here is the shirt right in front of you. But how will a custom luxury boutique packaging be different? A sturdier box, laser cut-out brand logo on the lid, a brand cover on the shirt before the shirt is revealed and inserts to hold the shirt right in its place.

Drawer/Pull-out Apparel and Accessories Luxury Boxes

A drawer or a pull-out box more like a match stick box is not very different experience wise in custom luxury boutique packaging. The aim is to give the buyer an initial good experience showing him that whatever he paid for is worth it. Again, initial first glance and first feel are equally important as the product itself. It sets the buyer in the right mood. The feeling of opening a strong and sturdy apparel box by sliding it out and revealing a gorgeous dress or a pair of shoe can’t be compared, and this is the moment which will keep such buyers coming back to your label!

Keepsake Boxes and Luxury Apparel Box Accessories

Luxury Apparel Boxes normally does not recommend keepsake kind of boxes but some brands that are ‘known’ for bringing the newest ideas do go for daring choices. Keepsake boxes stay in your closets for years and become a prized possession, big names such as Gucci and Jimmy Choo are a choice of generations for the very same reason. Keepsake custom luxury boutique boxes and packaging secure the product, add value to the product, and provides endless branding opportunities to the brand in and outside the packaging box.

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