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You can’t put together a holiday experience of a lifetime without investing in making your hotel luxurious, every nook and corner of it must speak of the premium experience one is about to have. Same is with the spas, hence, it is important that at the time of designing complementary products for your spas and hotels, you must add the same amount of luxury to the wholesale boxes for hotels for the shampoos, those shower caps, conditioners soaps and just about everything else because the experience will get you a good rating in the virtual world, the social media!

Hotel and Spa Complimentary Products & Their Packaging

When it comes to the tiny little details for hotels and spas, it is not just the large pool, a large bed, or your hotel service and complementary massages that takes you to places, it is the tiny details in fact that enables you to make a place in someone’s heart. The shampoo packaging, the effort you put in those mini toothpaste packaging, the packaging for all the disposable stuff and so on, it tells about the love that the person signing up will be receiving. The hospitality thus must include this bit of experience in the form of boxes for spas and the towel folds. Make them irresistible, make them speak stories about your grandeur and let this packaging be the talk of the town when someone jets off from your abode.

Spa Product Packaging – Things You Need to Remember

Of course, like every other service provider in the service industry, you will also be dealing with a select clientele. In order to hit the nail in the right spot, it is important to know who your buyer is.  Where Boxes for spas may not require must work as in most cases there is a lot more visibility on the kind of clients one might get, hotels have travelers meaning people coming in from different places, races and nationalities. This becomes a huge challenge for the management and marketing, so here are a few things you must keep in mind while designing a premium experience in the form of boxes for hotels and spas:

  • Age of the target buyer: Your buyer is definitely someone who spends and can afford staying living in your hotel or buy your spa services.
  • Demographics: A thorough study will tell you where most of your clients are coming from, making product packaging design easier. The aim must remain to give them a feel of home, yet a premium one!
  • Costing: Where we keep on stressing about giving a premium experience, you must not get carried away and spend an arm and a leg on the luxury of the packaging. Some great cheap boxes for spa are doable in an unbelievable budget if you know where to find the right manufacturer who is experienced and not a rip off.
  • Creative Packaging Design: Creativity should go without saying in the packaging. There needs to be absolutely no overdoing or ‘trying too hard’ obvious in the packaging. A minimalist approach is just about enough to deliver the message of hospitality.
  • Spa Services – Hygiene and Cleanliness: Last but not the least, a confused and an overly expensive packaging reflects badly on the clients, another thing that drives them away is the slightest doubt in cleanliness of your spa or hotel. The more secure your packaging, the more trust you are going to get.


Hotel Complimentary Products & Their Packaging – Things to Remember

We can’t stress enough on the need of showing class and comfort as well as luxury in the luxury boxes for hotels. Same is the reminder through the next four points in a nutshell:


  • Class: If there is one thing without which your hotel packaging is not classified in luxury is the absence of class from every bit of the packaging. Even if cardboard boxes or really thin materials are used, they should speak of the class of your hotel!
  • Luxury: Luxury and class go hand in hand, one is not complete without the other, so your primary goal is to be able to find a designer who knows how to bring both in your packaging and then relate it to the nature of your business.
  • Comfort: luxury boxes for hotel and the complimentary toiletries are there to make you comfortable and make you feel at home.
  • Hospitality: Cleanliness and hospitality, the care and concern once receive when they find everything available as soon as they check-in has to be the best feeling for a client, make sure you make use of that.

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