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Have you been roaming around the internet to find an appropriate packaging for your earrings and you are unable to find suitable packaging for your merchandise? Is buying earring boxes more difficult than designing the earrings itself? Are you tired of not finding anything that goes well with your merchandise? Well worry not because you can come up with your own packaging design that is made especially for ‘your’ earrings that you have designed, so they will suit your product in every way possible because it is made for them and is not something that was readily available.

Etsy Inspirations Can Never Go Wrong

Finding manufacturers will leave you with more confusions if you are roaming around online and have not yet found a good manufacturer for your earring gift boxes USA. Why? Simply because you don’t have to find a manufacturer, you have to first know yourself what you would really like for your product. Your original idea will always be better than what anyone will be making for you because you know your product better and you know what the product looks best in. Eastern designs look best in hand-made kind of packaging whereas western jewelry and earrings etc. look their best in modernistic designs. There can be a fusion of east and west in the packaging but even to start thinking about the packaging for your earrings, one thing needs to be understood which is that you need inspirations for packaging designs. You need to explore what kind of packaging jewelry stores are using for which type of products and then you are on the right track.

Talking about inspirations for packaging, what better source there is than to have Etsy help you out. Find Inspirations for your earring packaging boxes from the top sellers. You will be surprised looking at how simple packaging is used by some of the top designers and sellers on Etsy and how their product stands out with the minimal approach. You basically need not to follow these stores and do exactly as they like, you simply need to see how they are able to establish a brand identity by their one of a kind merchandise and packaging for the merchandise.

Earring Packaging by Earring Type

Earring type must never be ignored while designing the packaging for your earrings or any jewelry at all. Earring boxes wholesale packaging is of any type as you need or else you can have them created especially for your brand. Some earrings are long, some earrings are short, some fall in luxury brand category and some are launched in sets instead of a pair. Each one of these are packaged differently, where the sets are mostly meant for teenagers, they are packaged in Kraft card, premium jewelry and earrings are packed in very exquisite boxes and they are very strong, hence every earring type, shape and value is packaged in its specific packaging.

Gift Earrings & Premium Packaging

Gift and premium earring gift boxes wholesale are slightly pricier than the other type of packaging. Because premium accessories have more details, and quality wise they are beyond perfect, their packaging should be no less. The premium packaging must never be made with compromise and the brand should take their time in finding the best premium packaging for their earring brand. Premium packaging is usually very minimal as all the focus is to be given to the brand instead of the packaging, however it does not mean that any kind of packaging will work, the packaging but feel and look regal and should match the quality of the earrings and reflect the brand identity at the same time.

Irresistible Earring Packaging Designs for the Year 2019 So Far

  • Slide out Earring Packaging Boxes are great, they make the earrings easily accessible and the earrings are kept in their original packaging for a very long time. They make awesome gift packaging so the buyer does not have to get the earrings gift wrapped if they are meant to be gifts.
  • Acrylic Earring Container Packaging boxes may not be very common but they are cool nevertheless!
  • Themed Earring Gift Wrap Packaging is for festivals and they are also a great way to presenting your earrings as great festive gifts.
  • Assorted Earrings Boxes for Different Shaped Earrings shows how well the brand is prepared and how much attention it gives to things as unimportant as its merchandise’s packaging.
  • Envelope minimalist Kraft paper hand-made earring containers stud earring box is a common yet most loved packaging idea where environment-friendly material is used for earrings, which is cheap in cost, lightweight, sturdy and easily accessible.

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