How Rigid Packaging Help you in Clothes Business? Posted On: Feb-16-2021 By: Peter Anderson

As their name suggests, rigid boxes are famous for their sturdy nature. They are considered the best packaging solution for the items that require extreme protection. They are the best buddies of the e-commerce business sector as they are widely used for the items that are shipped to customers from the manufacturer or retailer through courier or mailing service. These boxes are made with rigid cardboard or kraft stock. The rigidness of these boxes depends upon the thickness of the sheets of cardboard of kraft stock. Product manufacturers or retailers can choose the thickness of the sheets to make these boxes suitable for their products.

Brand Identification

The use of rigid cardboard boxes just not confines its use to store the goods. It also identifies the brand name. As discussed above, the market is progressing so fast that you need something to sustain your name. The packaging enables the brand or name to get identified and enables one to differentiate it from other brands. In a large market, it is necessary to have your standing a bit unique and different. The product packaging with company name, logo, or the signature color scheme of the company helps the consumers to recognize the product as it sits among the competition’s products on store shelves.

Customers’ Attraction

The first thing that gets the attention of a customer is how the product is presented to them in the final stage. Avery fine dress may not get much attraction because it is in a shopping bag than a lesser valuable dress but presented in rigid boxes designs that may add the attractive appeal in the first look. The simple but decent packaging adds more to the value of your product many times and attracts more customers. They do not need any perplexed graphic or designing; these boxes just are perfect in the simplest way and more worth than packaging with rich graphics.

Safety of Product

Apart from its other benefits, it pays a vital role in securing the product. Once manufactured, the clothes go through many hands and stages before they reach the customer. The fabric is actually sensitive and fragile among the material of other products like shoes, sports goods, makeup articles, etc.

The clothing market is one of the necessities of man that can never be put aside. All of sudden, so many names and brands have emerged that it is getting difficult to retain sustainability in the market. The markets have realized the importance of packaging. Like other firms, clothing business has also adopted the trendy use of rigid boxes because these can be beneficial in many other ways other than just packaging. Custom rigid boxes can be used as per the need of the article and demand of the customer. This helps to minimize the risk of damaging the goods before they reach their destination.  It secures the clothes from dust, moisture, and other factors. Also, being packed the risk that they may get torn or the color may fade can be minimized or even eliminated.

Product Promotion

The rigid packaging in clothing is not just confined to its packaging only. It also helps promote the brand name and product. They also provide a luxurious outlook to the product.  According to statistics, 74% of the customers are likely to buy again if the product is in premier packaging. Also, 74 percent of consumers who fall in the age group of 18 to 25 tend to share product packaging photographs on social media. So with a little effort on the packaging, your firm can get a promotion without even you asking for it. The price factor is there, but the way it gives the promotion. The cost issue can be overcome by rigid boxes wholesale quantity as the bulk amount often comes with discounted pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

The objective of any business to satisfy the customer and to ensure that their need is satisfied under one roof. The availability of a variety of services under one umbrella gives them ease and attracts more customers. The use of rigid packaging not only gives a packaging facility to the customer, but it is usually observed that customers tend to gift the goods in the original packaging if it is worth it. This means luxurious and unique rigid packaging will be preferred over flexible boxes. Moreover, it makes the product easy to be handle without getting it damaged. The goods can be transported and handled with ease just because of a single packaging. Another trend of adding a handle to this packaging is even more welcome in the market because it eliminates the need for a shopping bag with a box. Ultimately making packaging cost-effective but at the same time facilitating for the customers.


There can be numerous other factors why there is a need for this packaging approach in the clothing business, but ultimately the purpose remains the same i.e., to facilitate the customer and to ensure that product reaches the destination in the best condition.

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