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Different products need to be packaged and covered with sleeves, which can add more value to the product. We all know that different companies who have an excellent and sharp business sense always use their more budget in designing and manufacturing packaging. There is a strong competition among different brands so the brand is successful if they have unique and exciting packaging for their products. These are the packages, which can efficiently present the product in front of customers so that they are stuck to the product until they buy that product. We can have distinctive and excellent sleeve packages for different products.

  • Designs

These boxes can be designed in an effective way by making different and unique designs. Different products need a different type of packages as every product has distinctive features as compared to all other products. As soap, making industry needs soap sleeve packages designed in a totally different way. Soap packages can be given any shape like square, rectangular, pillow or window cut. These all can serve the same purpose but can make the packaging of one product different from other.

Different expert designers can help you in making more efficient and appealing packages to make the looks of the product more amazing. These boxes are designed in a different way for every other product, as you need to have a different design for different products to make them look different. 

  • Material

You can make these boxes different from other in the quality of the material used to manufacture them. These can be prepared by using different quality materials and the material used are cardboard, Kraft, paper, plastic and Transparent sheets. These can give an astonishing and totally different look to your products. These all materials are available in the market and are of different quality. The quality and material used for the specific product are usually different from other products. As the delicate products cannot be packaged in, paper made sleeve, as it cannot ensure the safety of that delicate product. You need to use the effective and strong material for packing a delicate product.

  • Printing

Printing is the most important factor that can be used to distinguish the packaging of one product from other. Printed sleeve packaging can serve as the best solution to present the product in an exciting way. These boxes can be designed according to the demands of customers as every customer or audience of a specific product has a different taste for packaging. Custom sleeve packages can be designed to give a perfect and unique look to your products. These packages can help your brand is getting more attention from the customer by giving an amazingly different look.

  • Finishing

Finishing of these packages also can be used for distinguishing one product's packaging from other. Some of the packages can be given a perfect finishing look by using gold or silver foil on them. These will give an exciting and bold shiny look to your product's packaging. Some of these can be coated with an aqueous coating, which can prevent any sort of harm and fault in printing solution. It can keep the package safe from contamination and moisture.

  • Colour Schemes

Colour schemes of the products vary from one product to other as different products need packages with colour schemes just according to their respective colours. As while we talk about sleeve packaging of cosmetics product lipsticks need to be packaged in boxes, which have a colour congruent with the shade of lipstick. Just like the lipsticks, foundations also contain colour combination for packages, which can reflect the shades and tones of foundations.

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