Shoulder Boxes are an Ideal Packaging Solution for Tobacco Industry Posted On: Feb-16-2021 By: Jessica Miller

The advertising for any tobacco items is prohibited by law for controlling tobacco consumption. It creates an information vacuum between the manufacturer and consumer's end for such products. The only medium for communication between both can be packaging. This is the reason for the continuous demand for better and innovating packaging solutions by the tobacco industry. Shoulder box packaging can be an ideal packaging solution for such sector as this packaging design is efficient in communicating essential information along with better protection and visual appeal to the product.

Packaging plays an important role in the sales of any product. About every consumer's product can be advertised by only the use of the packaging as it has a great potential of engaging masses towards a specific item. Products like cigarettes are the main example of the potential of packaging as a sales-driving factor. The advertising and promotional campaigns for cigarettes are banned by law for controlling the tobacco consumption in society but the packaging of such products is working as sole factors in driving the sales. The tobacco industry is always in search of more innovative packaging designs to raise the sales margin.

Custom shoulder boxes can be used as an ideal packaging solution for such tobacco products due to the uniqueness of visual appeal these packages impact with. This style of packaging is superior in visuals due to the rigid nature which gives a premium look to the product packaged inside of such boxes. This style of packaging can be utilized in many ways due to the unique separate construction of this design and the exotic feel they give.

The rigid nature of the Shoulder box design makes it superior to traditional cardboard boxes used for packing tobacco items. This packaging solution can also be widely customized in accordance with tobacco business branding and can be enhanced visually by the use of cold foiling or hot foiling in prefer the tone of silver or gold. The foil embossed logo on such packaging can help to give a premium touch to the item packed inside hence raising the marketing reach of that product. This style of boxes is ideal due to the following reasons.

Luxury Sells

There is no doubt that consumers are always in search of premium quality products. They always want the best they can get; tobacco items are also one of those kinds and are usually associated with luxury. The packaging of such items helps the consumers to differentiate between low blends of tobacco and the premium blends of it. The use of shoulder boxes for your cigarettes or cigars can help you to get that desired optimal brand image of your business.

The use of such packaging can associate your product to be perceived as of premium quality and the impact of the visuals will do it all for you. Moreover, the feel these rigid boxes give is a premium one hence the presentation of your product will be superior.

Lid is Functionality

The construction of this packaging design is one of the best when it comes to functionality. These containers are easy to use and work perfectly while serving the basic function of protection. They are easy to use due to the use of lid in this packaging design. The top lid is necessary for making it easy to access the cigarettes rather than the style of traditional packets where you have to pull the cigarette from the side of the box. This feature adds to the functionality and ease of use for this style.

Maintain the Trust

No one wants a damaged cigarette with pressed end or folded center, but this sort of damage is common while storing or transit process of cigarettes from the manufacturer to the retailer and from there to the consumers, the massive amount of stacking for reducing shipping cost and saving space while the process can easily result increasing or damaging of cigarette packing and the items inside. This can result in a loss of trust from the consumer majority and loss of credibility as a brand.

Shoulder neck rigid boxes can save you from situations like these as the sturdy construction is not only to enhance the visual appeal but to protect the product in an efficient way. The construction compromising the middle neck helps to maintain a tight seal which can also help to prevent moisture or water entering inside the package and damaging the product.

Active Publicizing

As everyone knows that the advertising or any sort of promotional activity for tobacco items is abided by the law, the use of packaging is the only communication medium for the manufacturer to consumers. It can help to bridge the gap of communication between both ends. The use of Printed shoulder boxes can be done to state the unique selling proportions of your product which makes it different and superior from the rest of the competitors present in the market.

The printing space on this style of boxes is wide and brief information about the product can be easily written on them. The use of foiling and ink printing can create a perfect visual appeal in the minds of the consumers and can leave a memorizing effect on them while unboxing; it may result in better future sales by your product.

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