Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What is Your Normal Turnaround Time?

It takes 8 to 10 standard lead time after approval of sheet specification and finalize the printing techniques 

Q: Is There AnyWay I Can Get The Fastest Shipping?

Yes, we do offer fast shipping service plan with 6 or 8 days with minimal extra shipping fee.

Q: Can I print custom/my own artwork?

Myboxorinting has an unlimited option for you customize option yes you can print your own artwork with help of our services.

Q: How do I make sure what would be finished product look alike?

Myboxprinitng has a fully equipped updated technology before shipment we approve the final design of box through digital proof and 3d view which gives an estimate look of the box what it will look like after printing and assembling. For bulk order, we provide a physical sample with small sampling fee to overcome all kind of doubts and to make sure that customer requirement should be fulfilled.    

Q: Can I get Wholesale Prices?

We have a special discount program for whole seller/ retailer and graphics designer in which we will full fill all kind of customer requirements.

Q: Do you ship outside of USA?

Yes, we have thousands of customer all around the world like UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA. One thing is worth mentioning that we offer free shipment in the USA. 

Q: Which payment methods you accept?

We do accept numerous payment methods like Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Check, Or PayPal.

Q: What form do the boxes shipped?

To reduce the shipping space and cost we shipped all boxes in flat and pre-assembled (Glued) form.

Q: Which printing method you use?

We have dedicated and skilled who have mastery experience in offset and screen process which is available in the house.

Q: What file type you require for printing?

Well, the file should not be pixelated we require PSD, PDF and AI format with Min of 300dpi for printing.

Q: How can I order Custom Boxes?

Myboxprinting has made ordering process very handy and easy order custom printed boxes is just a single click away. We do have a team of designer and expert engineer and we can work on your design absolutely free. 

Q: How should I process the order?

There are 4 easy steps for ordering a box.

  1. Submit your quote request
  2. Email us or upload your art work
  3. Approval of digital proof
  4. Your order will be transferred to the production unit after the payment is confirmed.


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