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By visiting The Premium Boxes official website, you agree to the privacy policy mentioned on our website. The Premium Boxes assures all our users and visitors of the fact that we will not pass on or provide access to any user information collected from our website to any third parties or public sharing services at all. Any and all information collected on our website is solely used for order processing and relating to any other queries coming potentially from our users and visitors. Customer service, shipment and order management, request for customer feedback and future order processing are the only purposes we use information collected on our website. The Premium Boxes also has a strict policy for no information collection from children under the age of 13. We don’t intend or want our website to be used by children unintentionally at all. When the law, our own protection and interest or safety of other visitors require any information disclosure or you allow us to do so under your consent, we will be bound to do so. The Premium Boxes has good faith in the operational judicial system and if you get asked by the court for any information regarding any users or visitors on our website, we will have to share any information that is required in any legal processes.

Information Collection and Usage:


The Premium Boxes declare that we collect various user information through different domains of our website and web server. All information is saved on a log file that we store on our serves in order for it to help us with processing user requests. The log file contains information like users domain name, IP addresses, browser name and version, date and time of visit, users movement across our website through different tabs and links, geographical and demographic information etc that help us create trends and observe user and visitor behavior. Personal user information is not a part of this log file however.

Sensitive and voluntary user information including Usernames, Email Address, Contact Phone Numbers, Postal and Shipping Addresses and other relevant personal or business information is also saved for processing requests and for admin usage. When a customer makes a purchase, their sensitive information including credit or debit card details or bank account numbers also has to be saved and maybe shared with our partner third party payment processing bodies in order to process your transactions. This information is solely provided under our client’s own consent and will not be used wrongfully to make payments for something they didn’t intend to buy. Other users of this information can be our shipping partners, banks and also credit card processers. Our users and clients will have complete access to modify their financial information when they feel the need to do so.

The Premium Boxes declares that we do not allow selling, distributing or misusing any of your personal and financial information to any third parties at all. This information is collected only to make our own selling experience better and also make The Premium Boxes’ user experience easier. This information can also be used to contact you regarding any updates in our agreements. Users can send us an email if they don’t wish to receive any marketing updates from The Premium Boxes at

User and User Information Security

The Premium Boxes hereby declares that we deal with all user information very diligently. User security and safety is our top most priority. We take all responsible measures to ensure no data or information leak from our website concerning any users or visitors at any time. All systems and databases on our locations are kept under restricted area limitations. The Premium Boxes makes use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is considered to be the highest form of safety while transferring data through the system. All your data gets encrypted while sending or receiving it making it impossible for any one other than ourselves to use it. However, we would also like to highlight that no information is ever 100% no matter how many measures are taken into account. Thus, we cannot guarantee a complete data security when you send us any information over the Internet.

Change of Ownership

The Premium Boxes, as of now, do not intend to sell our business or its rights to any other business or individual at all. However, if this situation may arise at any time in the future where have to sell to or affiliate with another company or business or go through declaring bankruptcy, all or some part of information collected and stored on our website and servers will be subject to transfer to the new owners or lawful partners.

Cookies On Our Website

Cookies are small files that are stored on our users and visitors computers and devices that are intended to help improve the user experience for The Premium Boxes. Cookies only store some basic information about the client or their websites and can be accessed both by the web server and the client’s computer at any time. Users will need to permit cookies in order to get the full experience of website. This cookie will authorize our users to use our website as a specific individual and match their information with that stored on our records. Users can remove cookies by following information provided in their personal browsers.

Links On Our Website is a business website and will maybe contain links to other business websites. We are accountable for information and security on our own website but cannot guarantee the integrity and honesty of any external links present on our website. Our privacy statement only exclusively applies to information collected on and by our website alone.


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